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AirTent 140 / Coody 13.6

AirTent 140 / Coody 13.6

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  • Cotton TC Fabric
  • Ultra-Thick PVC Poles

Quick Facts


The Oliezi AirTent 140 is designed for versatility and comfort through a wide range of seasonal weather. Whether it's accommodating a wood stove with its chimney hole for winter warmth, or integrating an AC or heater for summer coolness, this tent is perfect for any climate. Spacious and robust, it's ideal for families or groups seeking a reliable, adaptable shelter for every season. From crisp winter landscapes to balmy summer nights, the AirTent 140 ensures a cozy, home-like experience in any outdoor setting.

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  • What's Included

    • Air Tent - 210gsm TC Fabric (Terylene Cotton)
    • 4x Clear Windows - TPU
    • Rainfly - 420D Oxford Fabric
    • Entry Mat - 550gsm PVC
    • Manual Operated Air Pump
    • 26x Stainless Steel Stakes
    • 4x Guy Lines (3.5 meters)
    • 6x Guy Lines (3 meters)
    • 8x Carabiners
    • Carrying Bag for Tent
    • Carrying Bag Accessories
  • Technical Specs

    Seasons: 3-season

    Capacity: 6-person

    Weight: 100 pounds

    Packed Size: 33 x 20 inches

    Floor Dimensions: 142 x 150 inches

    Floor Area: 148 square feet

    Peak Height: 87 inches

    Wall Height: 53 inches

    Number of Doors: 1 door

    Number of Poles: 6 poles

    Pole Material: PVC 865GSM

Folding the Tent

Installing Stove Jack

The AirTent Series

The AirTent Series stands out with its use of TC (terylene cotton) Cotton Fabric, renowned for its exceptional insulation and breathability. This premium material choice elevates these tents to be ideal for four-season camping. Offering a significant advantage over the lighter Oxford Fabric of our Lite Series, the TC fabric provides the perfect balance of warmth and airflow, essential for year-round outdoor enthusiasts. The AirTent Series is expertly designed for campers who demand the ultimate in comfort and protection across all seasons.

Inflatable Construction

Easy Setup

Quickly inflate your tent with the included hand pump. No more struggling with awkward poles that get caught and end up uneven. Simply stake the tent into position and start pumping. In just minutes, you'll be enjoying your campsite in comfort and style.

Spacious Design

148 Sq Foot of Room

The Oliezi AirTent 140 redefines spaciousness in outdoor living. With a sprawling 148 sq ft interior, it comfortably accommodates up to 6 people, offering ample room for families or groups. Its high ceilings and generous floor plan create an airy, open atmosphere, perfect for relaxation and socializing. This tent is not just a shelter; it's a luxurious, expansive home away from home, ensuring that every camping experience is as comfortable as it is memorable.


Stove, Heater, AC Ready

The AirTent Ready is expertly crafted for optimal heating and cooling. It features built-in entry points tailored for heater and AC vents, ensuring a comfortable climate inside, regardless of the weather outside. Additionally, it includes a built-in Stove Jack, perfect for a wood stove, making it ideal for cozy winter camping. These thoughtful design elements ensure your camping experience is comfortable year-round, in any weather condition.

Adaptable Design

Modular Windows

The tent comes with a wide range of window options including mesh, clear plastic, and full cover. You can choose how to setup your tent windows to maximize your comfort based on location and weather.

3 Season Ready

Water Proof

Our tents are made with a durable, TC fabric that is water proof treated and rated at 300mm of static pressure. The tent also includes a rainfly that is rated at 3000mm of static pressure.